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HVAC Permits Matter


HVAC Permits Matter

HVAC Permits Matter!

A long-term customer recently asked me a question that made me reflect on my experiences in the HVAC business.

This was the question; “Are permits important?” I paused, wanting to give a thoughtful answer, but feeling a little conflicted. Here is why.

Before getting into the HVAC business, I thought that permits were mostly a way to raise money like a tax, and that inspectors were there to make the bureaucracy work. I don’t know why I believed that, but I did. After being in the HVAC business however, the value of permits has become crystal clear. Permits are important…they are there to protect the general public.

The HVAC Inspector is Your Ally.

The HVAC inspector is not the enemy. In fact, they are your advocate, someone who is on your side. They will come to your home or business to certify that the installation was done correctly.

Many homeowners and businesses don’t know when a permit is required and/or why. And some unscrupulous or careless contractors are happy to take advantage of that. I’ve seen many installations where permits were not pulled, and therefore inspections were not made. Some of these installations clearly cut corners, by-passing building codes designed to keep the homeowner, businesses and people safe from harm.

That’s one of the reasons why the relationship you have with your contractor is so important. While most HVAC contractors have your best interest at heart and follow the rules and pull permits, it is not uncommon to visit customers who were misled about the process and find systems that are installed poorly or that do not meet code.

Accountability Improves Quality.

Permits put a level of accountability on the contractor. When the contractor knows their work will be inspected, mistakes are few and any issues found are corrected in a timely manner. Permits keep the contractor honest and you safe.

It is fair to say that there are two type of contractors. The ones who play by the rules (pull permits) and the ones who try to skirt the rules (those who do not). To be sure that you have the correct one, ask them about permits. If you still have concerns, ask for the permit number. Ensuring that your contractor pulled a permit is a great way to protect yourself and, indirectly, ensure your contractor is on the up and up. Permits = Quality = Safety!

At Fry, we pull permits for all our jobs. With the quantity of permits that we pull, the inspectors know us well. We are proud that our relationship with inspectors is strong and we will reach out to them if we have questions. This communication with the inspectors, and our willingness to learn, helps us deliver high quality and great value to our customers. Rather than cut corners, we use this to our advantage, growing our abilities and delivering excellence to our valued customers. This is just one part of how Fry delivers value with excellent service.

To recap: HVAC permits matter and inspectors are your ally. They play a vital role in ensuring you are safe while helping your contractor be their best.

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